About Us

We are a husband and wife team (Richard & Erika) that sells an assortment of ready to buy colored RVA stickers, custom vinyl cut stickers & screen printed t-shirts for competitive prices.  We specialize in smaller orders often needed by small groups like car clubs and non-profits.  With no actual store front or employees (just my wife and I) we are able to keep overhead costs down and provide reasonably priced services for the smaller orders other shops can't.  All of our vinyl is rated for a minimum of 5 years outside and we use and top quality inks during our screen printing process.  Each shirt is hand printed and the ink baked in to ensure long lasting quality. 

Whats with the new name?
As some of you already know, we have gone through many changes in the last year. This has caused us to re-evaluate the business and what we are doing.  Hense the name change.  Our legal name is still Bad Bertha LLC, but moving forward we will be doing business under the new name Richmond Stickers.com. Almost 2 years ago we decided to print and cut stickers with the intent to save money on our own t-shirt & sticker needs.  The t-shirts and stickers far exceeded our expectations and have become our primary business.  As folks requested their own custom stickers and shirts, we realized there is a local demand for this work and Richmond Stickers was born.  We will continue to have Bad Bertha merchandise and focus towards the off-road  and automotive community, for that is our passion, but the vast majority of our work will come under the new name.

Are you still doing custom fabrication?
We are no longer doing custom fabrication for customers.  We will however continue to cover our projects on the Bertha & Friends blog.  Please visit Bertha & Friends to continue following our builds.

What is Bad Bertha?
To start Bertha is my 1951 Ford F3 built to play off-road.  Bad Bertha LLC is the business name.  We initially chose the name Bad Bertha because we got our start doing custom fabrication and work for fellow car & truck enthusiast.   Bertha is pretty popular with the off-road community so the name just made sense. As our business has changed, we have re-aligned our name to match.